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Small offices are as much at risk from viruses, worms, spyware, phishing and more as enterprises. Yet, lack of protection at the gateway - the point at which Internet enters the office network - leaves them far more vulnerable to these threats than large organizations. Limited IT spend and the lack of technical personnel compound the problem.

Traditionally, small offices have relied on desktop anti-virus solutions for security. Due to their inability to prevent the very entry of threats at the gateway, offices find themselves continuously cleaning up the network once viruses enter.

Cyberoam - Unified Threat Management
Cyberoam's patent-pending Identity-based UTM appliances provide comprehensive gateway security, preventing the very entry of viruses, intruders and other Internet threats into the network. Priced no higher than a low-end laptop and with no per user charges, the CR15i, CR25i, CR50i and CR50ia are ease-to-use and ideal for small office security..

Comprehensive Security
With a complete set of security features that include, firewall, VPN (SSL VPN and IPSec) gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content and application filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management, these appliances meet the security and productivity requirements of small offices.

Through these comprehensive set of features, the appliances not only secure the gateway, but also deliver secure remote access for traveling executives, control the sites surfed by employees, prevent download of heavy bandwidth applications, offer committed bandwidth to key executives, delivering Total Bandwidth Management in addition to Total Internet Security.

Identity-based Security
Cyberoam is the only security solution that allows small offices to see "who is doing what" in the network, allowing them to take corrective action instantly. It delivers effective control over network usage by working with the user rather than just IP addresses so that small offices can create customized policies based on the user identity.

Cyberoam Benefits:

  • Gateway security - Prevents entry of Internet threats into the office
  • Total Bandwidth Management - Prevents bandwidth choking
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Low-priced solution - High Value for Money
  • Identity-based Security
  - Delivers 3 10/100 Ethernet ports CR15i : Security Appliance
  - Configurable internal/DMZ/WAN ports
  - Supports 30,000 concurrent sessions
  - With 90 mbps firewall throughput and 15 mbps UTM throughput – easily accommodates the requirements of SOHO - ROBO
  - Delivers 4 10/100 Ethernet ports CR25i : Security Appliance
  - Configurable internal/DMZ/WAN ports
  - Supports 130,000 concurrent sessions
  - With 100 mbps firewall throughput and 25 mbps UTM throughput – easily accommodates the requirements of SOHO - ROBO

Detailed information is available in the data sheets – CR15i, CR25i


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