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Enterprises today face the onslaught of rapidly evolving external threats and an almost equal share of insider threats. The fact that their remote offices are spread across the globe compounds the security issue, making it imperative for enterprises to have a comprehensive view of network activity of central as well as remote locations.

Cyberoam Aggregated Reporting and Logging is the web-based solution that provides network administrators with a comprehensive view of network usage and security information with user identity, alerting enterprises to potential threats across dispersed networks and enabling them to take action that ensures zero-hour security.

Available as software, it enables enterprises to take proactive measures based on comprehensive network logs and reports to secure the network as well as optimize the IT infrastructure by controlling network abuse, managing bandwidth requirements, monitoring surfing, and ensuring appropriate usage of networks by employees. Further, it enables enterprises to meet regulatory compliance requirements that mandate audits for data protection.

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Cyberoam security tools like Firewalls, VPNs, and Proxy Servers generate a huge quantity of traffic logs which can generate a wealth of security aggregated information reports. These reports carry the user identity which ensures zero-hour protection by helping administrators to identify the attacker or the attacked user instantly. The reports help in forewarning about impending security breach, non-alignment with compliance goals. Further, a view of aggregated log details collected over a period of time delivers information on the network performance, network strengths and loopholes and sensitive areas in the enterprise network.

Multiple Reports to Understand Health of the Network
Cyberoam Aggregated Reporting and Logging delivers comprehensive reporting through reports indicating spam, virus, intrusion and other threat activities, network usage trends and traffic patterns in the network with the user identity.

Log Collection, Correlation and Archival for Enterprises with Multiple Offices
Cyberoam's automatic log management system frees enterprises from the trouble of manually managing the huge amount of network activity data spread across locations through its automatic log collection, aggregation and interpretation.

Reports for Regulatory Compliance Management
Through Cyberoam's user identity information and centralised storage of reports and log data, enterprises with multiple offices, meet the compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, SOX.

Reports for Monitoring Security Breaches and Taking Pre-emptive Actions
With rapidly evolving threats that leave a very short window of response, Cyberoam Aggregated Reporting and Logging allows both real-time and historical view of security information necessary to address network vulnerabilities and enforce accurate network usage policies by each user.

Trend Reports
Cyberoam Trend Reports based on traffic generated, protocols used, and events triggered, analyze traffic over several time periods and offer data with graphical representation that makes analysis and forecasting a lot easier.

Security Dashboard
The Cyberoam Security Dashboard shows real-time alerts as well as details of security incidents. Marked shifts in pattern of activity or security events across different protocols are some of the data that can alert administrators to a security incident.

Meeting Business Needs across Sectors
Cyberoam Aggregated Reporting and Logging offers intelligent reporting which includes the user identity. A highly scalable solution, it meets the business needs of:

  • MSSPs and Remote Infrastructure Management Providers
  • Enterprise with multiple offices
  • Enterprises with compliance needs

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