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Government, defence institutions and public sector enterprises hold vast information that has national significance in the areas of policy making, defence, finance, utilities and other sensitive perspectives.

With cyber warfare on the rise and terrorism posing a serious threat to a nation's establishments, security lapses have far reaching implications that at the least lead to personal financial gain for some individuals and can go as far as compromising the nation's defence itself.

External and Internal Threats
While viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, pharming pose a real threat to the government IT infrastructure, the real threat to these institutions' information systems and infrastructure is from external sources that target the insiders or from internal sources themselves. Employees with their insider knowledge of the establishment's access control systems, the processes and practices within are a real threat to these establishments. They may, either out of ignorance or through malicious intent compromise the establishment's security.

Identity-based UTM
Cyberoam is the only solution that delivers the 2-fold security that government institutions require.

  • The Cyberoam Unified Threat Management (UTM) range of appliances deliver comprehensive, zero-hour security from evolving threats across all protocols.
  • Being a unique Identity-based security solution in the world, Cyberoam is the only solution that delivers user identity-based access controls and reporting that are critical to security against insider threats and user-targeted external threats.

In doing so, Cyberoam allows government institutions not just to protect themselves from external threats, but also defend themselves proactively against insider threats which carry far more serious consequences.

Cyberoam Benefits:
Cyberoam offers measurable and intangible benefits to enterprises:

  • Identity-based Benefits
    - User identity embedded for complete control over security breaches
    - Dynamic policy setting in accordance with user movement
    - Single page policy management for multiple security features
    - Policy setting in accordance with userŐs business requirements
  • Technical Benefits
    - No deployment problems
    - Single management interface for the entire solution set
    - Real-time protection against all Internet threats
  • Financial Benefits
    - Low capital expense
    - Low operating expense
  • Business Benefits
    - Safe business environment
    - Control over legal liability
    - Protection of information confidentiality
    - Enhanced productivity

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